Out of UK

Experimental out of area blog for reports from outside UK. Text will be put in as supplied and images reduced to 1200 pixels maximum. Publication is at our discretion and time available. It is best to send in your work as a complete project, text and all. Please volunteer to be a blogger, all help is appreciated

Vera Carpenter, Montenegro, Early May

Red-backed Shrike

Purple Heron

Spotted Flycatcher
Pygmy and European Cormorants
Herons and Egrets
Squacco Heron


Bob Brewer, Australia, April - May

825 species of birds in Australia

And here's a few more from our road trip around Australia

Coming across a few unusual species now. All seen at random, often from the camper van
(makes a good bird hide)



Boobook Owl

Wedge-tailed Eagle
Nankeen Kestrel

Musk Duck
Nankeen Night Heron
Eastern Rosella
Rainbow Lorikeet
Australian Wood Duck
Cape Barren Goose and Black Swan
White-faced Heron

Pied Oystercatcher

White-faced Cormorant

Black-winged Stilt


Bob Brewer, Australia, April 12

Still driving across Australia, it's BIG, BIG, big, big, big, big

Grey Heron chasing White Faced Heron
Australian Shelduck
Ubiquitous Swallow to 3 New Holland Honeyeaters
Grey Butcher Bird
A Kestrel, just like in the UK

Bob Brewer, Australia, March 31

Another update from out of Avon.
You guys are not the only ones with a local Osprey, this guy was fishing right outside the campsite north of Perth

The Kestrel was in the same area

The Emu in a nearby national park

Bob Brewer, Australia, March 24

Thought you might like a few from outside the patch as part of my Australia travels
Not the usual guys from CVL but here's an Emu, and a Pelican 

A parrot or two and a strange seed eater

The Hoopoe was a passenger on our container ship for a day or two